Manage payments and ecommerce solutions


  • Get your own webstore to sell your multiple content subscriptions.
  • Easily created TV channel or SVOD subscription created in the middleware and activated for online sale appear on your webstore.
  • Clients pay for access using ecommerce or access codes


  • All transaction history is recorded in real time and easily exported 
  • Payment made within the webstore, or mobile apps automatically extended subscription
  • Recurrent billing capabilities.
  • Manual or automatic control of subscription management for customer content access upon payment.

Ecommerce Integrations

  • Integrate with popular ecommerce solutions (PayPal, Stripe, 2 Checkout etc).
  • Or other ecommerce gateway services that offer appropriate API access

Top up Codes

  • Create top up codes in middleware and distribute for sale via dealers
  • Customers pay cash for codes, enter in apps for instant content acces

Monetize with ads

  • Facilitates insertion of Dynamic Ads. 
  • Integration of ad server solution on a per channel or per video basis
  • Pre-Roll ads for Live channels, Pre and Mid roll ads for VoD content

Federated Network Management

  • Ability to create independent subscriptions to be sold on the webstore and made available as a subgroup item in the apps.
  • Content owners of these subgroup subscriptions may have access to manage their content and access their consumption analytics.
  • Subscription formats include a mix of Live channels and On Demand content. E.g., HBO, Universal +, Starz, Etc

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