SIBER now offers white labelled Apps for both TV and mobile devices and is connected to the SIBER middleware. The Apps re designed to provide users with an enjoyable streaming experience by providing them convenient ways to access content

TV Apps

Home screen to discover various content types at first glance.

Easy to navigate menu.

Available on for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google / Android TV.

Mobile Apps

Comfortable scrolling and content access experience.

Screen casting abilities for VoD and Live channels via mobile apps.

Ability to receive push notifications.

User Recommended to watch capabilities.

Content Viewership Experience

Multiple TV EPG format layouts to choose from with DVR Catch-up TV and NPVR functionality.

Movies and Series library access – Netflix type layout option

Continue watching and recommended watch based on past viewing history or trending.

Premium Streaming integration options

Account Profiles

Sub- Group subscriptions access within App.

Create user profiles.

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