Content Protection and Security - DRM


Our Multi-DRM solution is integrated to our live and on demand encoding solutions, ensuring that your content is always protected. From advanced DRM encryption to multiples options for content access and control, we’ve got you covered.

Depending on the type of content, SIBER can offer combinations of the following technologies to ensure the content meets the demands of its copyright holders as well as be secured based on any custom logic.

Authenticated Access

  • Username & Password log in access across all screens
  • Single Sign On (SSO) available.


Your content is encoded, packaged, and Encrypted for secure delivery to your customers.

We’ve got you covered by utilizing DRM Encryption – Play Ready (Microsoft), Widevine (Google), Fairplay (Apple), Wiseplay (Huawei), AES-128 Encryption and Tokenization.

Device limitation

Device limit applied on a per customer account. 

Forced logout applied to access on other devices

User Agent and Referrer filtering

To block certain devices

Hot-Link Protection

To prevent stream theft by protecting the streaming URL on a per-account / per-user basis

Black-out and Geo Block

Blackout select programming based on location

Geo-block entire channel access based on location

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