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The technology that powered the 2018 Men’s FIFA® World Cup in Trinidad & Tobago was built and managed by SIBER World Link Services, in partnership with bMobile.

Case Study

The bMobile Tego World Cup App 2018
  • Architected the Technical Solution

    The SIBER technical team worked with bMobile's team to design a system capable of streaming to 100,000 simultaneous viewers.

  • Built the World Cup Mobile Apps and Website

    We built a specially designed app that allowed Paid Subscribers to view every football game, view the scores, team formations and much more.

  • Managed the Satellite Feed

    With access to DirecTV's World Cup satellite feed, for each game, we had to manage ingestion, transcoding and live streaming with DVR rewind capability.

  • Managed our custom CDN at Bmobile's datacentre

    For the best possible viewing experience, and lowest latency, we had to stream on-premises

The latest generation of our IPTV / OTT management platform is packed with new features. Built on years of experience, our middleware solution combines efficiency, stability and highly sophisticated new features. Being one of the most comprehensive IPTV / OTT management and broadcasting solution, designed to easily adapt to any business model, it allows users to take full control over multi device IPTV / OTT services without the need of expert staff. From one central management point our middleware solution enables customer to easily set up and manage multiple live television channels.

We offer a complete middleware solution for all demanding environments with many deployment options. Our Middleware suite has been built from the ground up for demanding broadcast and enterprise environments where reliability and channel change speed are critical. Devices constantly synchronize with the central Middleware server while user experience is never interrupted.

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